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Vibrational Frequency & the spiritual world!

Often, we see these two as separate and that one does not have an impact on the other, and that's not the case. These go hand and hand and let me explain how. Vibrational frequency is the energy level that we are on at the moment. Let's say you are on the vibrational frequency of anger; you attach experiences, people, and situations that match rage and aggressive behavior when you are on this frequency. Which then impacts your emotions and spiritual state, which connects to the Spiritual world you are attracting. When you are vibrating in the frequency of anger, your emotions begin to match the vibration, and then you start to attract feelings and beliefs that validate that frequency that invites the spiritual world that fits that space. So you will find yourself having thoughts that feel intrusive and not of your own, which are the 'spirits' that vibrate that frequency. Which, in other words, can feel like spiritual warfare. And spiritual warfare is when you feel that you are being attacked by beings that are not of this world. Whether we believe this or not, it happens, and I know if you have not experienced this first hand, you know of someone who has. Check out the full video to learn more. If you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward in your life, take advantage of the 30-minute complimentary session

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