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Experience the Freedom of forgiveness

Hola Beautiful Soul,

Forgiveness! Forgiveness! Forgiveness!

Many people talk about it, but how do we achieve it?

What's the point of forgiving; why can't we just release and let go and just move on with our lives? ONLY IF IT WAS THAT EASY!

Well, after finding myself feeling fed up with holding onto unforgiveness, I began a quest to learn how to really let go and forgive. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy, but it was worth going through and experiencing.

I came across something I hadn't heard before; to forgive, I need to become super clear and aware of my reason for forgiveness, and it must be for me and no one else. To have a lasting impact, my motivation to heal and forgive myself must be for myself, not because it's the right action to take, not because that is what 'good people' do, and not because others need me to, but for ME! I need to do it for my freedom, to get ME back!

Undergoing this process will cost you to face and come to terms with the reality you may have avoided. However, not doing the work will cost you, YOU! We have to be completely honest with ourselves regarding forgiveness; no holding back, no more please others. Watch the video for more details.

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