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Dealing with TRIGGERS!

How to manage & get back to being yourself?

Can you relate to this? You have been working on developing yourself and working through healing your past trauma. Then an unexpected situation occurs, and you get triggered, and you become dysregulated. Your body and mind are right back to the experience of trauma, and now you may feel even worst because all the work you have done seems as if it hasn't worked.

Well, I here to tell you I've been there and thoroughly understand the frustration, and it may seem that you are back in the unpleasant past, but that's your trauma brain lying to you. When we go through a traumatizing event in our lives, something profound happens to our brains, and it changes the way we see the world and how we interact with the world at large. I'll talk about this more in another message; however, I just wanted to give you some background before discussing how to deal with TRIGGERS!

It is safe to say that we are not ourselves when triggered. Our brains go into a survival mood, and our bodies become so dysregulated that we don't feel like we are in our bodies at times. We may experience dissociation, a survival mechanism we develop during the traumatic experience to survive the moment. However, when triggered, we are no longer in that experience, but our brains and bodies react as if we are.

Don't get mismade here; there are ways to overcome and shorten our triggered responses. In the video here, I've shared some helpful tips that have helped me and others I've worked with shorten and even overcome their triggered responses.

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