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Talk from the heart to reach a heart

Hola, Amazing Soul!

Talk from the Heart to Reach a Heart! The best way to connect and build intimate friendships and interpersonal relationships is to have heart-to-heart conversations. Within us, we can access the parts of ourselves that are connected to the light. When we take a moment to listen to our hearts and then have open and honest conversations from this place, we allow the opportunity for deep connections. If you feel that you have been misunderstood, it may be time to go inward and listen to your heart, and when you are ready, take that insight and share it with the person you are feeling misunderstood by and open up the space for them to do the same. If they are unwilling to and can't innerstand you still, then maybe it's time to reevaluate that connection. Remember, it takes talking from the heart to reach a heart, and if they can't receive it, it may be time for you to see that this is not a real connection. Honor yourself always. It feels good, which allows us to be in alignment with our highest destiny.

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