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I Discarded my angel cards!

Yes, you read that right: I have discarded my angel cards, and it is not what you think! Last June, God spoke to me very clearly and told me it was time to discard the cards and connect with Source directly. At first, I was confused and unsure about discarding my cards as I had grown so close to them because I felt in my heart that I was not doing anything wrong. And God made it very clear to me that there was nothing wrong; however, it was time to develop a deeper and more direct connection which I needed for my complete healing. So about two months after I received this message, I decided to discard them, and what happened next was life-altering for me. I received more explicit guidance and innerstanding of myself, my role, and my mission in this beautiful world.

See, while I was using the cards and providing readings for others, which I enjoyed doing, I still felt that something was missing. And now, I am excited to share with you that moving forward; this transition has awakened my passion for discovering the impact of trauma and its long and short-term effects on our psyche, mental state, spiritual connection, and developmental stage in life.

In February of last year, I uncovered a life-changing experience that happened to me that, until then, I had no memory of experiencing. And this experience, whether I remembered it or not, affected every area of my life. This new awakeness led me on a journey and quest to discover all that I could about the human brain, how memories work, and how trauma shapes us.

After recalling those childhood memories of traumatic events in my own life, I have dedicated my learning to innersatnding the effects of trauma and how to undo the effects of trauma on our brain. More than ever, there is a burning desire and calling to bring more awareness and mindfulness to the correlation between trauma and the quality of life we can obtain. My mission is to continue to share my wisdom of healing with others just like you, so we can truly live an unstoppable life that we are proud to live.

Watch the video until the end for full scope and if you find yourself questioning what to do, book your complimentary session and together, let's see what's best for you.

Love always,

Melissa Miranda

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