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Meet Melissa

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hola, Amazing Soul!

​It is a pleasure having you here. You may have learned about my work through my works on YouTube, or this may be the first time we meet; either way, WELCOME! 


My name is Melissa Miranda, and just like many others like yourself, my passion is to inspire, empower, and share my knowledge and wisdom with others. My personal experience has awakened my passion for discovering the impact of trauma and its long and short-term effects on an individual’s psyche, mental state, spiritual connection, and developmental stage in life. 

After recalling childhood memories of traumatic events in my own life, it took me through a whirlwind of emotions that I learned impacted my decision-making in my business, relationships, my healing, and opportunities that were present to me. I learned through my personal experience that if we do not accept our whole life story, the good, bad, and the in-between. We can stay stuck in unhealthy mental and psychological cycles and patterns of behaviors that do not allow us to achieve our goals.

I had to learn to heal and accept my entire life story, which is why I am here today, wanting to help and assist individuals overcome the repetitive painful cycles and patterns that keep us stuck. SOME BURNING QUESTIONS AROSE while I was unhealed: How is it that I did not remember such significant childhood experiences? Why am I remembering now? What should I do with this information? How can I trust my memories after this? How can I ever trust another person again? After so many years, who will believe me? Those are some of the many thoughts that ran through my mind, which is why I am passionate about working with others to heal themselves overcome this confusion. 

Now more than ever, there’s a burning desire and calling to bring more awareness and mindfulness to the correlation of trauma and the quality of life we can obtain. My mission is to continue to share my wisdom of healing with others just like you, so we can truly live an unstoppable life that we are proud to live. 

If you feel ready to be unstuck and start living an unstoppable life, feel free to book a free 30-minute consultation at the link below!


With Love, 
Melissa Miranda

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